unconcentric sound

a gourd
shaped like a pear
shaped like a

tap tap tap

it is a hollow you can shake
and hear the seeds
rattle around inside

it is a gourd
you need to scrub it
down to mould stains
for a pattern
on shiny skin
you can shake
and hear the rattle
of seeds inside

the gourd
under your hands
you are sawing with a blade
taking a slice away
old flesh is mummified
like cotton or mâché
the funny shapes
of all the seeds inside

it’s not a gourd
it’s turned into a hollow
you’ve cleaned it out
and chopped the end off
it is a delicate shell
that weighs no more
than air
under your arm
the seeds sit in a jar
over on the table

it was a gourd
but you have stretched
the deer skin
stuck it down
and stapled
with a braided band
running around the outside

tom tom tom

it has a rhythm
has a beat
it drums a sound
to fill the room
a not quite concentric
gourd sound
in b flat

© Frank Prem, 2007

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