switched low

a shiny sequin sky is constellating
random forms and patterns
to look like this or seem like that
and gleam like join-the-dot
pinpoints in a smile that lights
to it’s own terms
when the moon is on sojourn
to a different where
or sleeping off a late night
indulged maybe
on ill advice
while here    
right here
is always where the action lives

I whistle just underneath my breath
each time I hear you do that tune
goes da-de-da de-da-da-da
I have these ways of fooling
sometimes even myself
but I mostly keep it bottled up
because that’s the kind of thing
that’s beyond my league

I’m just a stargazer

a meteor chaser

these are only hums
to hum with a voice switched low
when the sky begins to move
and you
are coursing towards the sun


my voice switched low

© Frank Prem, 2009

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