evolving without a picture

I could take a picture
of the transformation
of the tree

the way the bag has ragged

the way nature
while continuing to change

for in the tree
a bird shape
is perched
up high

on the very
topmost branch

it’s so nice to see
a bird shape
where before
was only branches
and only sky

the bird shape
is not frightened
by the rustle
of the bag
with each new passing gust
of wind

the bird shape
in truth
does not seem
to mind at all

yet there is something
about that shape
that seems

the shape
that is familiar
is the magpie

but this
is not

it has re-formed
into a parrot
into a parrot pair

they bell their sweet calls out
to each other

they bell
at plastic bags
as well

I should
have taken a picture

it’s raining

© Frank Prem, 2017

September 2017 Poem #20: the breaking (of Miss Roxie’s) heart

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