The Churchill Avenue Push

take notice that
this avenue is closed
to low level flight

from first chortle
to the call at sundown
the road between
the corner and the bend
is off limits

the gang is in control
and “the push” doesn’t take lightly
to rule breakers
or any casual passing by

fence scouts are posted
each end of the turf
watching out for trouble
that better not be you
they know ways
of making things unpleasant

bachelors every one
the big boys
are smart strutters
walking to symbolise elite
let the pheasants fly
if that’s the best
they do

who let that pigeon land?
go take its name and number
what a cheek
we’ll have no more
of these peckings of rebellion

black and white
you better wear
the colours
if you want to walk
the avenue

black and white
if you’re not magpie
you’re nothing

© Frank Prem, 2001

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