battle in the heights

a tug of war
a battle
of strength

who is stronger

who will sacrifice

the tree is tenacious
it will not release
the bag

if the bag
is to free itself
a twig
a branch
will have to be broken

the tree
will not

the bag seems

with no price
too high
to pay

an accident of fate
and wind
entangled it
and the bag seeks
nothing more
than release
to fly

in every breeze
it flaps anew
seeking freedom

tearing itself
into shreds
but never ceasing


if only
if only with the help
of the wind
it could sever a single branch
the twig
that holds it

the bag
is in tatters
and ribbons

as the breeze drops
the bag hangs

it is

© Frank Prem, 2017

September 2017 Poem #16: a little light sailing

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