two fires

I am sitting
in front of my fire
watching a man
in front of his fire
who’s somewhere
in Africa
and right there
on my TV

my flames
are better flames
within a fire box

they warm me
and I can watch
the TV

his flames
are better flames
for they are burning
the last wood he has

and his rain
has not yet fallen
god knows
when it will
and god knows what will make
his next wood grow

or how
how on earth
he’s going to find it

am watching
my fire
and I love the flames

I love the heat

and I hope
that man
fire friend
can find another stick
of wood
to warm him
and cook his food

I hope
he never needs
to feel the cold
rather than the warming
of his fire

© Frank Prem, 2017

September 2017 Poem #15: battle in the heights

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