Preparations (Two In The Kitchen)

there’s two in the kitchen
and no room to swing
the cat has to be told to leave
while the raw meat is waiting
for a cut down to size
and a marinade to soak it
as only three of four burners have
life left to raise pressure and boil
pontiac potatoes right over the sides
of their pots with a hiss and a
splutter of summons to attention away
from the onions that are still making
me tear up and cry

at a nudge from the chief cook
I’m out and away to
the fridge at the back that has
never seen work like tonight
before the flurry of pastries to bake
with an aim for somewhere less than midnight
we might be doing ok but
they’re burning and we’re nowhere
near ready for the dishes to load
in the washer and the benches need
a wipe down to put preparations away
then to bed where there’s more room
than the kitchen for two
and I’m tired so hold me a moment
then let’s close our eyes
and goodnight till I see you
at first light again

© Frank Prem, 2001

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