another show

each night
around the ring
there’s the lights
and the sawdust

the odour of pine
colours the feel of the air

the hubbub of the crowd
rises to crescendo
then falls
when the spotlight strikes the cage

the bright-painted distracters
are fooling around the edges
ready to move
should the whip and the chair
prove in vain

and when rajah calls out
a big-roar hello
to the audience
and the jungle-striped cats all rush in
single file

when the whip cracks
as sharp and as hot
as a bullet just fired

the smell turns to sweat
the air tastes
of excitement
and fear

and the sound of the small child
seated in row two
by the aisle
is a giggle of uncertainty

crack again

crack again

let’s get the show going

© Frank Prem, 2009


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