cockatoo committee

the cocky’s council is in session
on the lawn

the chair-bird
is high-stepping
around the gathering
hoiking scaly legs
and pristine pantaloons
as though to avoid
an unpleasant issue
left over from the last item
that was moved

a sulphur crest is raised
to make a point of order
white heads
bob up and down
as they confer

a creak
follows a croak
and soon a screeching
leads to
the biscuit break and then
a cup of cha

when reconvened
sure there’ll be
some dancing
led by the old rocker
for a bit of scratch

the session will be closed
at the end of business
or when the lawn
is all chopped up –
whichever’s first

then they’ll all be off
for parts unknown
their goodbye’s screaming
to bring the minutes and decisions
of this vital and important meeting
to the impatient
waiting ears
in the snow-white flock

© Frank Prem, 2015

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