a bomb for Jong-un to share with the Donald

last night I made
a hydrogen bomb
with a small whiff
of sulphide
and a great lack
of aplomb

I used a large cabbage
and a half-dozen eggs
then I threw in a few
of my more sundry
veg dregs

four big chilis
because I’m so fire loving
into a deep casserole
away at the back
of the oven

when I ate it
well well well
I inflated
and then I grew
larger and larger
and quite animated

but it was later
while I was asleep
that I gradually realized
the sulphides
had started to leak

it was too late
to find protection
because that bomb I had made
would not bear
close inspection

and I knew
from the sulphurous smell
that it would explode
and I’d be
going to hell

I should have pleaded

I should have begged

at least I think
I should have cut back
on eggs

but it was too late
to stop my bomb
so I’ll see you in the next life
good bye good bye


goodbye to you
and so long

© Frank Prem, 2017

September 2017 Poem #5: a bag in a tree (no magpie)

12 thoughts on “a bomb for Jong-un to share with the Donald

  1. Bye Frank … and yet I find myself thinking of those others who are bloated, filled with noxious gases and some might hope visit the afterlife. Nicely done 👍. For me J-u with what he does to his own people and with the H-bomb tests that I imagine generate local radioactive pollution, is a walking humanitarian tragedy. Is there a way to solve it? Er .. that would be an alternate reality with a few key differences …

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