the new love

but I’m in love ma
isn’t that great

I haven’t been in love in a long time

well I don’t know
I haven’t thought about it
I suppose it could get messy
everyone carries baggage
I’ve got baggage too
we’ll work it out

what do you mean how much in love am I
I’m totally in love
full on

I can’t compare this love
with the last one
or the one before
it doesn’t work like that

I’m sorry
but no
it doesn’t

what do you mean

we’re just starting
she’s wonderful
I don’t want to think about what happens
when something goes wrong
I want to think that nothing
will go wrong
I want to bask in the feeling
so let’s not discuss
when it all goes wrong

yes I know
I’ve got a bad track record
can we change the subject

religion doesn’t come into it
I’m not religious
and she can be whatever she wants to be

ah crikey
don’t jump straight to christenings
it’s not going to happen
all right
no it’s not

she’s just a girl I’ve been seeing
we like each other
it’s really nothing more than that

I don’t suppose it’s all that serious

I don’t think you’ll be meeting her ma

I was going to bring her around
to say hello
but we probably won’t be seeing each other
much longer

© Frank Prem, 2000


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