free (for a little while)

and in a little while
a little while
the sun
has cleared the edge and fluff
of concealing clouds
that billow
and blow
around the sky
as though possessors
license checkers
or taxing agents placing a tariff
on the sunlight
and enforcing rations
for such
is the mentality
of the colour grey
in the season

in a little while
just now
in fact
the sun
has found an edge
and light
that casts a golden hue
on green
a glisten
on remnant drops
left behind
by last night’s rain
and suddenly the day
is cool spring
and no longer
cold winter

in a little while
for a little while
the day
is made available
to you
and to me
at no cost at all
without restriction on availability
a little while

© Frank Prem, 2017

August 2017 Poem #32: ride day

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