two voices (tired)

I’m tired enough to want to sleep

he’s tired enough to want some sleep

tired enough to want to keep

tired enough that he wants to keep

my eyes shut tight all through the night

his eyes closed

eyes closed tight until the light comes

his eyes closed

tonight’s the night to sleep right through

tonight’s the night if he sleeps right through

tonight I’ll sleep the morning too

he’ll sleep beyond the morning too

I’m tired enough I’ll be there so long

he’s tired

only open up in the light of dawn

he’s so tired

I’m tired


so tired

sweet sleep

I wish tonight be filled to the top

fill it up to the brim

with sleep

to sleep

precious sleep

sleep sleep sleep

I’m tired enough           (enough)
I’ll close my eyes           (close your eyes)
so tired           (tired tired)
enough           (it is enough)
close my eyes           (so close your eyes)
I’ll sleep           (now to sleep)
only sleep           (only slee…)

© Frank Prem, 2017

August 2017 Poem #30: tba

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