driving the wide range

it’s been a long week
it’s been a long day
but I’m home at last
and I just want
to get out
and drive
and drive
across the greensward
like there’s never
going to be an end to it

and there’s a bit of daylight left
so it’s not too late
do you want come along
we’ll go out
and get on
and get started
then we’ll drive
and we’ll drive
across the greensward

feel the wind in your hair
as we’re getting up speed
hold on
hold on
I’m going to swing us both
around a corner

can you feel the Husqy
like I feel
the Husqy roaring

we’ll slash the grass
and blow the long day
and all the long week

just like clearing out cobwebs

I’m going to drive
and drive the backyard
cut my greensward
until it’s lawn again
and I’ll clear my head

just driving

© Frank Prem, 2017

August 2017 Poem #29: two voices (tired)

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