a king of trees learns to dance

I spoke to the tree

oh mighty tree

I said

why do you hold so still

when I look to the birds
I see them dance on your boughs
are you never moved by them at all?

I see little birds
feel them dance

he replied

I know through my skin where they are

though I long just to move
in a dance as they do
by the earth I am held
still here

so I called up to the sky:

free your dancing wind
and come lend your aid to this tree
luff through his branches
then rustle his leaves
let him move just for once
as though freed

the last time I saw
that mightiest tree
he could not find the right words to say
for his leaves were well luffed
his branches well swayed
and his crown moved around as in trance

though held down by the earth
both anchored and strong
he could no longer
be stilled nor becalmed
up in the air with his head held so high
that tree was in love
with his dance

© Frank Prem, 2015


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