decisive pastorale

the summer glows benign
from out of a blue-field sky
streaked with cloud floss
to leave a winged impression

the dog is on investigation
underneath the footbridge
that she’s never found to be of interest
in the past

the waves of grass from spring
have begun to topple
in crop circles

touches of green remain
among the gold that’s started graying
rich and ripe
almost to the point of decay

and the sparrows
those township scavengers
have turned pastoral

all along the path
they’re in the grass
rising here and there
to pause a moment
before a sudden dive
and subsequent disappearance

here a group of four
is holding conference
hovering in a circle to make plans

one is for the electrified fence
to straddle in defiance

two is off to sit within the tree

three is waiting patiently
for everyone else to decide

but four has already gone
down into the seedbeds
of fallen grass

who needs to make decisions
when the answers
lie scattered all around

this is honey-summer
under a blue-field sky

© Frank Prem, 2010

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