reclaiming Mentone

there is earth moving equipment on the beach
out of character on the packed golden granules
leaving the deep furrows of yellow tray truck
and matching front end loader with scoop
the noise is pure diesel                 grumbling power
to take accumulated sand from the far end
a kilometer away where it stockpiles each year
and deliver it to the place where we stand
adding an annual nourishment and contouring

a wind has risen to further spoil the evening
there is a cold air that does not suit the sunshine
washing over us                 a brightly coloured chill
but the time is coming                 perhaps only days away
it will be warm                 it will be hot
then we too will perform an annual nourishment
we will reclaim the waters                 on the sand at Mentone
this will                 once again                 be ours

© Frank Prem, 2001

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