a glorious whirly and home-roast beans

I have bought the popcorn-maker whirligig
and wait now
for a thermometer
to install
on one side of the lid

it has a winding device in the handle
to push two twirling blades around

and today I received my green beans
in the mail
four little bags
air tight
from Ethiopia and Brazil
and from Peru

they hardly look like coffee
there is no aromatic smell
and they are small
almost innocuous
as though they could not hold
all that I’ve been promised
but I’ll try

green beans in a popcorn maker
twirled around upon the stove

now that
is coffee making

and I can’t wait to hear
the first


the second




of browning beans

and of aroma
drifting down the street
calling the neighbours to their doors
to sniff

what’s that

what’s that

the coffee man of john street is roasting beans
right there on his stove-top


what a glorious day

© Frank Prem, 2010

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