St Kilda Sunday

mosaic patterns on the pavement
lead all the way to the Orlando
Wines upon the Village Belle Hotel
past purple iris and bright cyclamen
bursting into season and out of florist shops

crowds of peering faces
obscure and cloud the view
of cakes in window portals to heaven
for the gastronome or casual connoisseur
of the more public St Kilda specialty

food selection is by direct inspection
of the meals half consumed
at sidewalk tables
and I wonder what the woman saw
when she wrinkled her nose
at our shared spicy lamb with yoghurt

perhaps she was offended
by touching fingertips and self absorption
as much as by our consumption
but as I saw her face in passing
I wondered if perhaps she would have felt better
if she had not noticed us
on the Acland Street sidewalk
on this Sunday afternoon
not long before the rains fell
to drive us home

© Frank Prem, 2000

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