water for the little bandit

Poem #23 from: A Lizard Life

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I’m wheeling round the verandah
I see a bandit in a Zorro mask
hiding below my fridge


I’ll play you little bandit
put a spot of treasure
just a little way out of your reach

what you going to do
I see your nose appearing

what you going to do
I’ve been watching half an hour

what you going to do
just raise your claw
then put it back down

what you going to do
at last
I can almost see your tail

it’s been nearly one hour

you are slow mister bandit
you are taking much too long
with your leg up in the air
then your leg back on the ground

head up
like a sphinx you stand but

freeze for just a moment
and stop
could that have been a sound
and stop


it is such a lot of work you do
for a little drop of juice
such a round-a-bout-a-way
to getting what you want

I can’t take this longer

I just have to move

I’ve been watching
way too long so go on go on
go on and get back under
your bandit hiding bar fridge
I’m not watching you anymore

I’m not watching you
I’m not watching you
no I’m not watching you
at all
(I see you there)

© Frank Prem 2017

A Lizard Life Poem #24: spoor

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