it should not cause surprise
that there are terrors
in the pre-dawn morning
at the coldest of hours
before darkness edges into light


the answer to your question
lies in the paradox
of a driving need
for distance and separation
operating in tandem
with the fear of dying alone


sometimes it seems
that there is a very fine line to walk
between mutual pleasures
and subtle exploitation


there is no real basis
for believing that
the co-location
of a toothbrush in the rack
holds significance beyond
courtesy and convenience


many things are done
in the name of love
these are however largely false
it is probably the case that
more importance should attach
to those acts which suggest endurance


it may not take long
on occasion merely a day or two
other times perhaps weeks
but do not doubt
that it will come
and negotiation will not
be of great assistance


it is useful on occasion
to consider implications
and their consequences
before rushing to assume
a vulnerable position


you may wish to reconsider
based on your own assessment
of the capacity you hold
to cope with misadventure


with the passing of time
there sometimes emerges
a level of equilibrium
from within which it is possible
to see things clearly
and with an acceptable sense
of perspective

© Frank Prem, 2000


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