Thinking About Hands

I think about hands a lot mine are soft and have a great capacity for delicacy I'm told in some ways it may be true that I see aspects of the world through touch through fingertips with eyes closed so much can be revealed a tasting of textures and response to pressure rough and smooth … Continue reading Thinking About Hands

love of the sun

Poem #16 from: A Lizard Life Back to A Lizard Life - Introduction the lizard raised his head from the ground to reach toward the sky and the sun blinked so sweet was the warm pouring down he wished he could take it below for the den where he lives at the end of the … Continue reading love of the sun

the hunt for the wild arancini

the wild arancini gallops across the driving range the golf club chef so close behind him holds his implements up high his cook’s knife the roasting fork a sharpening steel held to his wrist by a shortened length of cord the apron flies a-flap around his knees his moustache holds beaded sweat while his jowls … Continue reading the hunt for the wild arancini