marine dream

the creature thrashed
a seal

or a dolphin

thrashed again

raised a spray
that stopped him
in his tracks
to close his eyes

opened to a new scene

a line of guardian penguins
waddle-ambling formally
around the guard-line
of a dream

he closed his eyes

do not fear

a voice

a thrum

a resonation

you are the whale

I am
inside you

you swallow mw
and swallow me

I am

thrashing before you
a creature
foolish without
my element

and you
my old

will you dive now

thrust yourself
into the waters

the march
of swimming penguins
waiting the tables
on the perimeter

from their menu

this is your dream

am inside you

© Frank Prem, 2017

July 2017 Poem #35: two bowls


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