a way to fly

Poem #14 from: A Lizard Life

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on the third day of gazing
from the grate
up into the sky
he saw the birds again

he whispered to a spider


with the web
he spun and wove
gossamer all around him

the magpie left a gift
of black and white
that he ought to include


he scrambled to the height
of a verandah post
clutched the cloth
one corner
for the claws of all four feet

when the breeze rose up
when the sun shone warm
and when the blue that was the sky
made a picture

when he drew his breath
when he’d calmed his thoughts
and when he’d flung himself
to the mercy of air

then he fell for a while
then the ground rose close
and then the grasses luffed close
underneath him

until the lizard flew

until the lizard soared

until the swirl of a rising current
sustained him

then he turned in air
and looped through a loop
and the lizard rose as high
as the birds

© Frank Prem 2017

A Lizard Life Poem #15: shrine


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