how it begins

it begins
with a roiling
of the clouds

deep gray
spinning on itself

light grey
streaking through the sky

it begins
with the troubling
of the limbs
of a winter eucalyptus
swaying sprays
in agitation

while a setting sun
golds the canopy
as though denial
is so easily won

it begins
with the restless relocation
of fallen autumn leaves

most already gone
into earth dreaming
but the few that remain
sleep troubled
and move
across the ground

it begins
with a woo-ing
of the wind

streaking past them all
raising tensions high
flying past

the trembling grasses
it has begun

the sleeping oak
is aware
it has begun

© Frank Prem, 2017

July 2017 Poem #24: collage – ti-ri-ol


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