occult bloods

it has a



like witchery

but it refers mainly
to the secret

the hidden

it is days now
since I last viewed meat
with lust

for intents and purposes
I have become

hard to believe
I know

I have become a connoisseur
of aubergine

an appreciator
of fresh rocket
and baby toms
from the garden

the delicacy of home crafted pizza
with feta
is an appreciation

and it’s ok

not so hard
as I thought it might be

a self-imposed discipline

and only for a week
or so

the worst of it
is not about the food at all
the food
is quite delicious

but fancy

grubbing around
the bottom of the bowl
with a toilet brush
trying to spear one that sank
instead of floated

to scoop a specimen
that some stranger has to pick apart
and examine


in truth

I’m glad
it’s a stranger
© Frank Prem, 2008


5 thoughts on “occult bloods

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  2. Very cool piece of writing, inspiring and entertaining. Expressive, very. It’s an evolution, a progression to good health through diet, which of course is not enough (we also have to do the physical work, to break a sweat, often!) and if you are really good at it, and a talented chef, you can make it all the way to Vegan. It’s true, the body is much lighter, cleaner and fresher on a vegan diet. Over the past 6 years, I’ve progressed from “healthy” diet to part time vegetarian to full time vegetarian with treat meats on special occasions, to vegan. I’ve been vegan for a week. Now that I’ve discovered coconut milk ice cream, it’s really not that hard. Let’s make a pact. No turning back now! To your health, Frank! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Arris.

      I eat ‘better’ than at previous points in my life now – mainly by growing what can be grown and eating little that is processed, and having meat free days without making a fuss about it (mostly). So far, so good.

      Hope you’re enjoying the vegan diet, as it seems to me to be an important component.

      Anyway, lovely to touch base with you again. Cheers.

      Liked by 1 person

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