to be (for an hour)

nothing cares
about who you are

doesn’t know
that you’re alive

the heart
is preoccupied
with the blood it pumps around
it doesn’t feel
a single thing
about you

its own pulsing

a paradise
and went
while you lay sleeping

so wake up

wake up
this is the hour

wake up
wake up
this is your hour

wake up
every instant
for just one hour

every one of your instants
to be

© Frank Prem, 2017

July 2017 Poem #22: collage – yellow not sun


8 thoughts on “to be (for an hour)

  1. Great work Frank, particularly like the paradise verse, its coming and going 💚. To me, very much a Buddhist flavour with the breathing and the heart pulsing, maintaining awareness of the present. Have to admit I’m lucky to be able to do it for a couple of breaths–although I’ve been meditating for years–then I’m gone to wherever my mind wants to go… No nirvana for me I’m afraid. 🙂

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    • Thanks Steve. Inspiration is from an argument about the duration of instants of time between a couple of philosophers back at the turn of the last century. My guy Bachelard is cutting up their arguments and I’m picking up what I can and interpreting in my own way.

      One of the original guys apparently argued in person and/or through mail with Einstein. Blows my mind a bit.

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      • That’s interesting. Einstein was pretty much a non-believer in quantum mechanics–“God does not play dice”– because of the uncertainty principle; “instants” of time sounds a bit like QM: quanta, or particles, of time. Might have a writing idea 🤓😀

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      • It gets you like that. I can’t read beyond about a sentence without having to pen some embellishment of an idea or an image I’ve been just introduced to. Never been so productive in my life.

        These ‘time’ related pieces are happening over coffee in my local bakery at 6 in the morning before work.

        The chap that argued with Einstein was a guy named ‘Bergson’. Apparently he was considered discredited until Quantum stuff was discovered years later. A good story, I think.

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