I can’t really see that there’s any reason for it


we are at a wedding
the bride is late
the slow-step up the aisle
is a jig of twitches
beaming smiles
a barely contained agitation


she half-whispered

I organised mine
did all the planning
made sure everything was attended to
then let it happen

good planning leads to good results
and an absence of concern
so you can enjoy your big day
I certainly enjoyed mine


the bride is dancing up and down
on the balls of her feet
in front of the priest
beside her almost-husband


thoughts have strayed to my own wedding
years ago
as frozen as a carved statue
while shaking like a leaf

barely able to respond
to rehearsed prompts and cues
bewildered and overwhelmed
mindless with fear

I thought of others
who never believed the day would come
never believed they’d find their match
those conscious of the watching gaze
of a judgmental family
a judgmental world

those waiting at the altar
wondering if something has gone wrong
those donning the veil
wondering if the decision
has been the right one
those with a secret
held close


the solemnity of the occasion
has been disturbed

there is a titter passing
through those gathered here today
for the priest has had a small stumble
in performance of the ceremony
he has married the bride to christ
instead of in christ

it occurs to me that such an error
could have consequences
his eyebrows are doing backflips to compensate



she muttered

there’s no excuse for being nervous
you just have to make it happen
and then you get on with it

© Frank Prem, 2002


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