Yellow Walls and Greying Curtains

in my little house the colours
are various shades of faded away

yellow streaks from years of
nicotine laid down
in half-length runs and smears
by an old lady
with a habit

of living inside an easy chair
for so long she hardly knew
the passing of the weeks
or that seasons go by in moments
while her son looked in on odd days
as good lads should
to see her
until the time came

in my little house the curtains
hang in an attitude of mourning

small flowers under dust gone
gray from a
long while of watching
an old lady
out of a habit

draped around a greasy glass
letting light enter like a cry
from all the passing weeks and years
of seasons
and the sun she saw
on some odd days was
spring again
until the time came

and in my little house
a scrubbing brush and water
will clean the walls
and make the windows shine
curtains with grey flowers
will be thrown away today
for a brighter light and another season
of springtime
little children
and laughter in connecting hallways
until the time comes
for me to live inside an easy chair
under fading colours and mournful curtains
and then at last
to go

© Frank Prem, 2001

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