1,000th poem: as recorded

I went past 1,000 posts a little while ago, and though it’s a bit arbitrary,I’m declaring this the 1,000th poem.

Amazing to me to consider as I’ve never kept close track of numbers over my journey as a writer.

To commemorate, I thought I’d pop up a recent poem that almost sums it up for me.

Thank you to those who read. The next 1,000 may well be better.

as recorded

as soon as he woke
he took his pen
and began writing

still in his mind
the dream
that he dreamed
was real

he remembered
the conversation that he’d had
the insights reached

and the knowledge
that the revelations
of that dream
would change his life
for good

he penned
until his account
was on the paper

he lay back
to let exhaustion come

and looked forward
back in the land
of sleep
to describing
what he had done

but he searched
in vain
through the worlds
of somnambulance

until he woke
and unrested
and wondering why

he looked at the page
where he had written
so intently

and saw
just one line
penned by his hand

that dream
is gone

© Frank Prem, 2017

July 2017 Poem #16: tba


9 thoughts on “1,000th poem: as recorded

    • Thanks Anne, it’s wonderful to have support from yourself and other readers.

      I din’t think the poem was ‘gasp aloud’ quality, Anne, but I’m delighted to accept your rating of it. Glad you enjoyed it.



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