veil dance (oh no)


it is a dance of veils
in the fireplace
at night

has separated bark
from the wood
on a log that I have thrown
onto the hearth

flickering tongues
of yellow and blue
are appearing



twirling as though
they are arms raised


then disappearing

the bark
as it lifts
so slowly away
is a checkerboard
of burn
colored very slightly

very slightly alive
and it’s throbbing


oh no


oh no no no

home to the swirling
of hunger

to the voluptuous oh no
no no


no no no

no no no

burning acrobats
leaping into the fire

conflagrating into
a veil mirage
that is all shimmer oh no

oscillation scintillation
glimmer into gleam


oh no
oh no

the fire
no no
is dancing flames
distorting light
around the burn
in the heart
oh no
no no no
no no no

it is the dance
of fire and veils

it is the dance

© Frank Prem, 2017

July 2017 Poem #15: as recorded


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