things it’s not possible to borrow

Poem #22 from: Memoir of a Dog

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borrowed time

what an idea

time passes just one way
from front to back

it runs out

that’s what I’ve always thought


we bobbled along after sparky recovered
from the operation
a quiet household
gratefully silent while silence meant
nothing else
nothing new
could happen to us

we managed a few months like that

borrowed hours
borrowed days and weeks
months on loan until he couldn’t breathe

one day he was in trouble
and he couldn’t breathe

coughing and wheezing
in distress

all of us in distress
looking at each other
not wanting to hear what we could see
see what we could hear

there’s a kind of membrane around the heart
it’s called a sac
the pericardial sac

the vet said it was filling up
with blood
the poor bastard’s heart
was choking itself to death

nothing to be done to save him
no clear cause
sometimes these things just happen

take him home
love him for one more night
bring him back tomorrow
and I’ll put him down
give him some peace

where on this good earth
can any of us
find peace

god help us

god help me

© Frank Prem 2009

Memoir of a Dog Poem 23: the hole (reprise)

6 thoughts on “things it’s not possible to borrow

  1. where on this good earth
    can any of us
    find peace
    Only in acceptance and then its not peace but more like death in life.
    We can acknowledge that death is an integral part of life but when another one, one who is a kindred spirit dies, part of our spirit goes with them. Then we must allow ourselves time and permission to rebuild our inner strength starting with acceptance before we can once again feel whole.
    I am in that process now. I can say these things but i really don’t know if they are true. I haven’t achieved wholeness yet. I don’t know that i ever will unless i am willing to accept a very different reality for myself. It’s tough…
    Angel in the dust

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