accidental destruction save for the dog

Poem #21 from: Memoir of a Dog

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I would like to tell you
something uplifting

I would like to give you
a sense that
even for such a disaster-laden
disarrayed group as we had become
remained a possibility
however remote

could I offer that the sick one
might recover
that the surly rebel
the number two
would re-enter the house one day
to embrace us with tears and joy
can I suggest
I hesitate but
can I suggest that we
she and I
might look across the dining room
or the width of the bed
bump into each other in a corridor
and smile

or that the dog
our sparky poodle
might return to his pre-attack splendour
and our lives recommence
with hope and anticipation
with tail-wagging


I can only tell you that I dreamed dreams
some nights
dreams that took me back
to better days
and made me smile
then frown
as I dreamed them

that I dreamed dreams
on other nights
of accidental destruction
and death
that left just me
alive and alone
in the world
relieved of my burdens

save only for the dog
I would try to dream that the dog
was saved

it sometimes seemed that
in those dreams
the accident
and the destruction
was all me

on some nights
I could not tell

© Frank Prem 2009

Memoir of a Dog Poem 22: things it’s not possible to borrow

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