uncomplaining in the midst of contraction

Poem #18 from: Memoir of a Dog

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the weeks have blurred us
exhausted whatever it was that we had left
to act as strength

there was so little to begin with

there is no room to think
good thoughts
bad thoughts
thoughts of disappearance
of running

no room

the world has contracted
inwards upon itself


work has beckoned
though there is nothing of value to do

small tasks need attention
though there is no mind involved
in their performance

we don’t like to watch him
our boy
all the time
don’t like to cry
all the time
don’t like to think the thoughts
of helplessness and defeat
don’t like the odour in our air
that might turn into the death
no-one will speak of

don’t like to look at each other
with so little recognition
so much despair


sparky has adopted a demeanour
I think he’s depressed
when he’s inside the house with us
so much sadness in his eyes
I can hardly look at him

he perks up on the street
strains at the leash with enthusiasm
it’s almost possible to forget the details
although the mood never lifts

my mood never lifts

god help me I jerked him from his feet
when he didn’t deserve it
but he didn’t complain

sparky never complains
he just licks his lips
and smiles
waiting for us to change

if only we knew how

© Frank Prem 2009

Memoir of a Dog Poem 19: how much more (on a night like this)

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