emergency placements

Poem #17 from: Memoir of a Dog

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he likes it with the neighbours
there’s another dog to play with
he’s no trouble
he’ll be okay

they’ll walk him if we’re not back
by tomorrow

do whatever you need to do
don’t worry about him
he’ll be fine

sparky doesn’t look so sure
but he’ll settle fast
he’s good like that
and he knows when there’s
something wrong

like now
there’s something wrong
and we promise we’ll keep in touch
keep our friends informed
it could be a very long night


dog bed 30%



suitcase 30%.jpg


he likes it at his friend’s place
there’s a kid from his class to play with
and they get on well
they’ll feed him
get him off to school
pick him up and bring him home
if we don’t get back

he’ll be fine
go to where you need to be

let us know

he doesn’t look our way
knows that something’s wrong
if he ignores it
it might go away
or grow smaller

kiss goodbye
then off into the darkness

chase the ambulance
wait the long hours
in emergency

think how only yesterday
seemed almost all right

© Frank Prem 2009

Memoir of a Dog Poem 18: uncomplaining in the midst of contraction


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