perhaps a long spring

the walls of this medical centre
are coated with brown pebble mix
from ground to the sixth level
where a walkway joins two buildings
via the mechanism of a substantial steel girder
painted white and featuring a small gap
between the girder itself
and the construction above

it must be spring
because apart from the warm sunshine
dashing clouds and lazy breeze
there is a sparrow clinging vertically
to the pebble mix at level two
with its mouth over-full
of construction material for a nest
struggling for a panted breath
before proceeding to hang vertically again
on the edge of the girder
and finally entering the gap with a flurry

too much flurry

the enthusiastic entrance of our young male
and perhaps new father


dry grass ball


three sticks

the grass ball and a feather float lightly
cross and recross in the air
then land either side of my feet
which are based firmly on ground
and adjacent to level one

the sparrow watches me for a moment
with what I fancy is a baleful eye
and I almost see the deep breath taken
before he flies off in another direction

some of us might have a long spring this year

© Frank Prem 2001

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