from each the same

Poem #14 from: Memoir of a Dog

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tail up
a bark and a smile
that’s all tongue and teeth
it’s good to be alive

let’s go

run like a fool
with another on the roam
a game of tag
to bowl each other over

the wind
has nothing on a dog
on a beach
when the leash is left behind

just run
cry out in a bark of joy
it’s good to be alive
down on the sand at mentone
in the springtime


we often come down here
for a walk in the evening
let the dog off the leash
to run

he’s a mad thing
a tearaway
fast as a greyhound and untiring

obsessed with the ball
he snaps at the air
while I tease him
making him wait until I swat the ball
with a tennis racket
out into the bay
he swims well
but has to see where the ball went
or he gets lost and disoriented

a mile or two along the beach and back
is a gentle stroll
that curves around the bay
with a view uninterrupted
until frankston

the wind blows
helps to clear my mind
while we walk
never really together anymore

I drop back
by myself
a few steps off the pace
prefer to think my thoughts alone

but the dog doesn’t distinguish
he just wants the ball to be hit
drops it
in front of the nearest set of feet
then frets
until he gets a response

I look at him
all happiness
unconditional in his love and loyalty
like a simpleton
expecting the same from the rest of his group

why would it be otherwise

I don’t suppose he’s ever felt
wouldn’t understand it

standing in the wind
watching the water
and the dog playing with us all
I feel like weeping

© Frank Prem 2009

Memoir of a Dog Poem 15: a definition of us


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