a sound like moth wings beating

it is a long metropolitan road
a major artery
the car is rolling along
a hint of engine filtering through the cocoon

he can hear it start
a rapid-fire fluttering
like moth wings beating fast
and then it stops

the mirror up above his head
shows the back seat
between the passenger front head-rest
and his interior-pointing ear

there are blind spots
on the floor
and immediately behind him
traffic is moving
there it goes again
beating a little louder
someone is tooting
moving on ahead too fast

he tries to look around
the sound has stopped
he reaches with his hand
but there is nothing
then it starts again
he is traveling in the centre lane
but thinks he might like to pull over now

the mirror says the back is all in silence
he was starting to get nervous
but everything is quiet
he gives a little laugh for being fooli

© Frank Prem, 2002

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