citrus winter

Grapefruit 1

the grapefruit are changing
from green
over to yellow

sit as small orange balls
the tree is laden

it’s winter
citrus time

brush the leaves
rub the skin

put your face right there
the citrus smell

lifts me up

I want a mandarin
I want to squeeze
a Tahiti lime

navel oranges


and lemonade

it’s middle winter and it’s time

citrus time

Grapefruit 2

© Frank Prem, 2017

July 2017 Poem #01: currawong cries

11 thoughts on “citrus winter

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  2. oh fresh fruit and to just be able to smell the zing? nothing like citrus to sparkle, even in the winter – but alas, we grow no citrus here – even if we did, in greenhouses, it takes forever to fruit – but the leaves usually carry some scent – so enjoy! and thanks for sharing – yum!

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