the inevitability of bow wows

Poem #11 from: Memoir of a Dog

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it has become woman’s work

every few weeks
the dog needs to be washed
and dried
the tangled mat of his wool
combed and brushed

he is tolerant of the brushing
but most unhappy about bath-time

when released from the tub
and initial drying
he runs like a fool
shakes himself
runs again
overjoyed to have survived another ordeal

and then the clipping

he needs to be held
while she works the electric clippers
a makeshift shearer and a reluctant lamb
an awkward job
that fills plastic bags with clippings
leaves wool fibres throughout the house
and makes us smell of lanoline

the result is often lumpy
but they say the difference between a good haircut
and a bad one
is only two weeks
he’ll survive the embarrassment
but we notice it
feel a little sad that we cannot make him look better
as good as he should

it may be time to consider bow wows

forty-five dollars for a wash and clip
but better

© Frank Prem 2009

Memoir of a Dog Poem 12: dangerous devices in the rear

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