angling the big deep

I will entice you with lines
I have baited and burly-ed
cast with my strength to the sea
in which words filled with elegant meaning
swim by in phrases that turn
and twist
as a wave danced in undertones
then left near-expired on my beach
by a receding tide

I will talk my fish in
drawn by a lure
and the romance of angling a moon
risen up with the sun down
so full and so warm as she shines me
in ripples and stanzas that break in near rhymes
from far by the horizon
all the way in
to a splash on my toes

I am thinking in small tugs and nibbles
experiencing occasional bites
the big deep is thrashing
just under the surface
not quite within grasp
but perhaps
it will come if I call

perhaps it will come
if you call

© Frank Prem, 2014


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