once a hole

he is
a prisoner

the poet prisoner

his jailer

what will you write
of this

a ha ha

and what
will you make
out of that

blood spills
to the floor

teeth fall
hardly a sound
where they settle

each movement

each moment

brings him close
to the end


a gift of paper
a gift of pencil
blunted to stub

come you poet
write me your poem
write me


the universe is black
and contained
within a room

four rising walls
and a hardened floor

there are no openings

the dark

the beam of a lonely ray
up in a roof
so high
he can hardly
imagine it

the sun
is a kindness
with a benevolent face

who longs to shine
even into the dark places
where no welcome lingers
to greet passing light

a single ray
through an un-guessed hole
a halo
around a sharp white point

high on a wall
then slow-moving around
and down

circling the room

towards the floor

as day-time passed
and the sun moved
in its progression

through the sky

so so slow

until ray meets floor
and shines its light
for a moment in passing
upon the upturned face
of one poor man

on his knees

face upturned
eyes closed
reverent as
a worshiper

the sun



so you poet

so that is a poem

I know it now

I know you now

tomorrow I will pound a poem
of my own

metal on metal

can you guess the name

my poem will be called

a hole
was here

a ha 
a ha ha ha

once a hole

© Frank Prem, 2017

June 2017 Poem #37: five bird poems (Benalla)


7 thoughts on “once a hole

  1. This is a grim but wonderful poem. I have been a member of Amnesty International’s urgent action network for over 30 years. There are many people , in the situation your poet is in, who have struggled through torture and confinement. I don’t know if that was what you were describing but it is what I saw.

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  2. Solitary confinement in a blackened cell does seem an egregious torture. And so many put in this position have no voice to speak of the injustice. In brings to mind the treatment of youths in the NT.

    You seem to go to many dark places, Frank. That must be difficult, but you shine the light.

    Liked by 1 person

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