playing hard ball

Poem #9 from: Memoir of a Dog

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he is tense
quivering in expectation
eyes fixed on a point
in front of him

on an object
beneath my foot

I fake a move to the left
his head darts that way
the body not so easily fooled
coiled tight but unmoving

the dog
is still young
but he is full-grown
his head the height of my hips

he is an illusion of size
appearing solid beneath his thick coat
but underneath
he’s thin
as rangy as a whippet
the creamy odour of lanoline
a strange characteristic
of this woollen dog

another fake
this time forces a bounce forward
and a bark
of joyous frustration

he likes this game
the build-up of tension
before I perform a genuine kick
that sends him bounding in pursuit
to the very depths of the back yard
it’s not easy to grin
around the sides of a tennis ball
but he tries
for now he has control
and it’s my turn to do some hard work
and get the ball back

bouncing ball 30%

© Frank Prem 2009

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