beneath the paint
the timber

mountain ash
that once grew
so tall
so straight
in the heart
of the rain forest

length by length
canary bright
used to seat the children
in municipal pools

Yellow Board

beneath the paint
still pure

in dabs and blobs
a coating applied
of a jelli-um

a something derived
from a something

wait and watch
paint cracks
and bubbles rise
soaking deep
while lifting

Yellow Scrapings1

I feel the burning
of the stuff
seep into
across my fingers

this is not sport
it is a fire
of redemption

and as the scraper
and digs
yellow ribbons curl
above the sludge
and fly
off to the side
away to ground

but  where the paint
is pushed away
like new skin
cloistered beneath a parasol
the wood
the straight grained wood
is revealed again

Clean Board

I would not have thought
to be so moved
by this
and revelation

but when the garish
is gone
what is left
is the passing purity
of mountains

© Frank Prem, 2017

June 2017 Poem #32: passing familiarity


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