the escapologist

Poem #6 from: Memoir of a Dog

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have you looked everywhere inside
every room

well one of you boys needs to
go through each room a second time please

what about outside

whoever’s not doing inside
please go right around the yard
make sure you look inside the shed

then both of you come back here
and wait

if you’ll check the neighbours
I’ll get in the car and start doing the streets
in the neighbourhood

let’s go


I thought he’d be too big
but it looks like
he’s slithered under the fence somehow
gone for a wander

the panic is unbelievable
kids howling
urgency and fear

it’s amazing how much impact
there’s been
from the thought of losing him
or of him coming to harm

every one of us is feeling guilty

where would a young dog go
how do you think like a woofer

left here


right again

back on the main drag

straight ahead

mobile phone
no news
no joy

turn right



the dinner table
is silent
except for an occasional
moist sniff

we’ve done all we can
call the pound in the morning
with a description
and not a lot of hope

the boys can’t see their dinner

our eyes are red too
it’s hard to take in
the extent of the loss
sparky’s disappearance

this will be a hard night


the knocker on the front door
is a solid-brass banger
it echoes through the silence
makes us jump
look fearfully at each other
for a moment
we’re on edge

it’s a neighbour we don’t know
apart from a hello
in passing
lives three doors down

do you own a young dog
a white poodle

I thought so

I found him looking lost
out on the footpath earlier
there was no-one home here
so I put him inside at my place
and we’ve had a wonderful time
he’s a marvellous dog

here he is

he really is beautiful isn’t he

that’s all right
think nothing of it

I’d hate to see something happen
to such a lovely dog

what’s his name

mr sparky is it

that’s lovely
it suits him

see you later

the kids are all over him

we don’t know whether to laugh
or cry

such a relief
but first thing in the morning
I’ll check the fence-line for any more
potential escape holes

this is not going to happen
a second time

hole under fence 35%.jpg

© Frank Prem 2009

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