a small correction

Poem #5 from: Memoir of a Dog

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world war two
was supposed to have finished
a long time ago
but one troop commander
must have escaped

she stands in the centre
of a circle of us
all obedient and attentive
wondering what will happen here today


this is a miserable day
and I’ve come poorly prepared

the grass is slippery
soggy underfoot
and my canvas runners
are thirsty
or so it seems

she has barked us
into some sort of order
reduced the more timid
to whimpers
seems unlikely to be influenced
by my wet socks


this chain I am holding
is not
and must never be referred to
as a ‘choker’

it is a ‘correction’ chain
and it will be your most important aid
in the training of your dog

it is not cruel to use a ‘correction’ chain
and if anyone has a contrary view
they should leave now

other than dog noises
and traffic
all is silence

this woman doesn’t take prisoners
they only slow the advance

very well
I want each of you
to make a loop
as I am doing and put it around the animal’s neck
like this

note now
how easily it slides
in response to your use of the leash


sparky is wandering
within the confines of the lead
to sniff and explore
fascinated by the dog-dom around him

others are barking
jostling their owners

commence walking around the circle
the pinscher

do not allow your dog
to run amok in that manner
‘correct’ him immediately

no no no
he did not feel that and will not respond

watch me now
I will demonstrate

well crikey

she’s gone over
grabbed the leash
shouted HEEL
and given a huge tug on the choker

yanked the mutt right off its feet
until he’s slightly behind her
front feet in the air
looking stunned

now observe
the dog has been brought to heel
he should not walk in front of his master or mistress
also you will note
that when I hold him like this
for a few moments
he is completely in my control

he cannot continue a disobedience

she dropped the dogs’ legs
applied a hand
to push his backside down
and voila
the pooch is sitting
dazed and confused
but sitting
right where he’s supposed to be


ok sparky
let’s go


by lesson’s end
we too can demonstrate the benefits
of obedience
and correction


correction chain 30%

© Frank Prem 2009

Memoir of a Dog Poem 6: the escapologist


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