too young for latte, too small to build

Poem #4 from: Memoir of a Dog

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he’s fascinating

short bursts
of a kind of leaping
ungainly run

piddle poo
running again

none of us
want to leave him alone
our new ball of fluff

he laughs at us

runs again


we’re in the middle of extensions

tradesmen and their tools
are everywhere
on makeshift floors
scattered between wall-frames

and he’s amongst them
the working man’s dog

too cute to be a nuisance
but a constant worry
in case he falls into some dark place
or gets stepped on

looks proud
of the wood-shavings
in his coat

coffee break

we sit
to take in
the afternoon sun
legs hanging
over the unfinished edge
of the flooring
tired from the day so far

a yelp

a cough

a sneeze

seems our sparky
thought the coffee
should be equally available
to all

his muzzle is wet
and brown
a cup is overturned

and he looks astounded

sneezes again

perhaps we should have
to better suit him

spilt coffee 30%

© Frank Prem 2009

Memoir of a Dog Poem 5: a small correction


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