naming the purchase

Poem #3 from: Memoir of a Dog

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this is just for a look

we’re not going to buy a pup
so don’t expect
to be coming home with one

we just want to check them out

these kennels are in the country
an hour out of the city

it’s a fine day for a drive
there’s nothing to be lost

poodles are wussy dogs
all pom-poms
and head-dress

that’s not what we want

they yap too much


I think this guy
the breeder
is gay

maybe you have to be
to breed poodles

no ‘minis’ or ‘toys’ available
right now
come inside

meet the ‘standards’
they have pups that are ready


I’ve never been appraised
quite like this

these dogs are laughing at me
with their eyes

they’re white and beautiful
that’s beside the point
the male
has me by the sleeve
is tugging me
to come away with him
to play a game

the female is making friends
with the boys

they don’t yap
these guys have a serious bark

real dogs
not stuffed toys

they really are


talking to the breeder
the dogs watch us
interested in our conversation

he says

one of the pups
a male
is champion quality
but I want to show his brother

I could sell him to you
but not with papers
I don’t want the one I sell
to turn up in competitions

he’s special
american stock
not white but cream
he’ll have apricot-coloured hairs
in amongst the wool
when he grows

that’s unique over here

I can sell you clippers
and tell you how to groom him
you don’t have to give him a lion cut
just let him be a woolly dog
if you prefer

would you like him


a little white fluff-ball
in a box

we can’t quite believe
what we’ve done

these are big dogs
we wanted small

he’ll need more looking after
than we’d planned to do

oh well

satellite comet power

what a name for a woofer

we can’t have that





none of those


uranus (ho ho adult joke)


what about ‘sparky’



yes that’ll do
for mr satellite comet power

will do

comet 35%

© Frank Prem 2009

Memoir of a Dog Poem 4: too young for latte, too small to build



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