selection process: narrowing the field

Poem #2 from: Memoir of a Dog

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we had the debate
it was time

the kids were demanding
it would be good for them
they needed something
couldn’t be a cat though
too much allergy in the air

something that wouldn’t shed
that could live inside
let’s not fool ourselves
it will definitely be inside

one that has wool
needs to be something small
a toy
or a miniature

something the boys
can look after
this is not a plaything
and they’re old enough
to have some responsibilities

is that understood kids



the magazines
to select what kind

good lord

there’s so many
to pick from

how will we ever decide

dog magazines 30%

© Frank Prem 2009

Memoir of a Dog Poem 3: naming the purchase


5 thoughts on “selection process: narrowing the field

  1. We couldn’t agree on the type, so he decided to take the kids to see a certain breed – new puppies – of course, you know he came home with one. “He chose us,” was the explanation. I don’t think you can ever go wrong in choosing a dog – they have a way of taming the worst of us. Such a blessing.

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