go and pick (ordering alliums)

onion 1

will go and pick
three alliums

thick and lush
they are
so young

sativa bulb

who will pick
that I might eat

onion 2


will no one
these three alliums

they are strong
be not weak

three stalk leaves
and one fine bulb

who’ll bring flavor
for my feed

onion 4


must I go
to pick three alliums

they are forest
like to trees

tough and hard
and garlic strong

must I go
to get my peace


is there truly
no one
to rid me

of these paltry

they are but onions
do you not see

grow some skin

who’ll brave
for me

onion 3


ordering alliums  oops, I linked this to ‘focus’, but I wrote it for order <embarassesd>

© Frank Prem, 2017

June 2017 Poem #26: shush-ing the oak tree

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